Event Description

Come join the businesses of the Downtown District as we celebrate our favorite wizards birthday in an immersive, fun experience!  This event will be held on Saturday, July 27th, 2024, from Noon to 4PM.  You will be transported across the pond to check in at Platform 9 3/4.  During this event, you will be able to shop from our exclusive vendors within Diagon Alley, and stop at the restaurants and shops for some fun themed treats (chocolate frogs anyone!?!).  Once you've completed your syllabus, you can come check out the Ministry of Magic where the trivia will be held.  Now the important question, what house are YOU going to be in, as we CELEBRATE at (our very own downtown) Hogwarts?


Vendors interested in participating in the Diagon Alley Market during A Wizard's Birthday event can apply below.  All applications are juried and the best of the best selected.  

Event start time is noon and ends at 4pm.  Vendors will need to be in place by 11am. 

Vendor Application Tips

  1. We recommend previewing the application and then gathering the information you need and writing your business description in a document you can copy and paste from.  In the event the site times out or you are interrupted you can copy and paste the information instead of rewriting it.  This is also helpful if you are applying to our sister event, Witches & Wizards Festival.  
  2. You will need up to 5 photos of your products.  Choose wisely and pick the highest quality photos!  This is a part of jurying your application and may possibly be used in social media promotion at a later date.

Vendor Contact & Business Information

Business Story

What's your story?  Tell us all about your business.

Product Descriptions

The following description will be used to jury your application.  If accepted it will be used to describe your products on social media when the event is promoted.

Image Upload

Please upload a high quality image of your products.  These will be used for social media to promote the event.

Vendor Rules & Information

I hereby release the Downtown District from any and all liabilities for any damages or injuries to myself or any of my volunteers working at the A Wizard's Birthday event while participating in the Downtown District event.

I hereby grant the Downtown District permission to take photos/videos of myself or any of my volunteers while participating in the A Wizard's Birthday event. I authorize the Downtown District to edit, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute the photos/videos and grant permission to the Downtown District to use the photo/video in any and all publications including website entries, without payment or any other compensation to myself or any of my volunteers. I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein my photos/videos appear.

Vendor Stall Information


Electricity:  each vendor will have the option to pay for electricity at their booth for a $10 charge.  We do have a limited number of booths with electricity, these will be assigned in order of completed registrations.  If you are not selected for electricity, you will not be charged.



Once your billing information is entered your credit card will be charged.  This is not an indication your application has been approved.  

If your application is not approved you will receive a full refund back to the card you used to check out with today.

Billing Information

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  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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